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This month we are having special offers on the J&E Hall range of JCC Cellar Cooling equipment. The following very special prices are subject to survey, but 99.9% of the time the price you see below will be the price you pay.

The prices for these cellar cooling systems include full installation and commissioning. The only thing we have not included is mains electrical supplies. Please call us for full details.


Cellar Coolers

JCC Cellar Coolers

The JCC cellar cooler range provides cost effective and reliable units designed to maintain temperatures required for beer and wine cellars.

The ability of electronic control down to 4°C also prolongs the life of fresh fruit and vegetables, flowers, dairy products and other items requiring a temperature controlled environment.

There are four models in the range which operate at capacities between 2.87 – 5.82kW.  Units have 6 fins per inch brewery specification evaporator coils and operate on refrigerant R410A.


  • 25m pipe run capability for total flexibility
  • Ease of installation keeps costs and time to a minimum
  • 3 year manufacturer's warranty gives total peace of mind
  • Low noise suitable for residential areas
  • R410A is a low cost and readily available refrigerant
  • Operates down to 4°C
  • Electronic controller as standard giving accurate temperature control


What size cellar cooling system do i need?

System 1 Suitable for below ground upto 45m3 or 25m3 above ground. £1850.00

System 2 Suitable for below ground upto 70m3 or 48m3 above ground. £2150.00

System 3 Suitable for below ground upto 90m3 or 56m3 above ground. £2350.00

System 4 Suitable for below ground upto 120m3 or 70m3 above ground. £2550.00

All prices are plus VAT at 20%

We only have two of each size system in stock for immediate installation at this very special price. When they're gone. They're gone!!

Call us now on 01942 386166

or if you prefer email - info@easicooling.co.uk


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