Why Air Conditioning?

Anyone who works or lives in air conditioned premises will tell you how great it feels to be in such a comfortable environment.

Anyone who doesn't, will often complain how hot or cold it is throughout their day.

It's this reason which has made air conditioning a common sight in many homes and business premises throughout the UK

It's a must-have....

Air conditioning rose to such popularity when people realised that if you make your customers comfortable, they might shop for longer. They also realised if you make your employees comfortable, productivity will increase.

Domestic home air conditioning has become more widespread too, as people realise that they don't have to put up with hot stuffy nights in their bedrooms or their greenhouse like conservatories

The fact of the matter is, if you have ever experienced your home or work place being too hot or too cold, then air conditioning is something you need.


What styles of Air Conditioner are there?



Wall Mounted Units

Wall Mount    

These units are most often installed in small offices, domestic applications and server rooms. The wall unit is usually the fastest to install and the least expensive to buy. This ultimately means that they are the lowest priced systems that we install. The unit is mounted on a wall, above head height and blows hot or cold air into the room from one louver.

Floor Units

Wall / Consol Unit    

This type of unit is used when there is no ceiling void or high wall space. The most popular application for these is for use in conservatories. They are slightly more expensive to buy than a wall unit but usually take the same amount of time to install. The air can be set up to blow from the top of the unit or with some models from the bottom.


Ceiling Cassette    

The cassette unit is probarbly the most often seen type of air conditioner. Typically used in shops and offices. The cassette unit is suspended above the ceiling and the white four way blow fascia is the only part of the unit you see. These systems typically take twice as long to install as a wall mounted unit and are more expensive to buy. But due to the air being distributed in four directions and at ceiling level, the cost is out weighed by the extra comfort.

Under Ceiling

Under Ceiling Unit    

Like the cassette, these units are most often used in shops and offices. The difference being that this type of system is for installations where the ceiling void is less than 250mm. The unit sits just under the ceiling and blows in one direction only. Sometimes under ceiling units are chosen when the room to be air conditioned is long and narrow.


Ducted Unit    

This unit is the most luxurious of air conditioning system. It is, of course, the most expensive to buy and install but it means the customer sees nothing other than inconspicuous air diffusers in the ceiling. The unit is mounted, above a ceiling and ductwork is installed to carry the air to the diffusers. This gives a very comfortable environment and good coverage, even in irregularly shaped rooms.

The Outdoor Unit

Condensing Unit    

All of the above types of unit will have one of these. It is the 'engine' if you like, where all the refrigeration process takes place in both heating and cooling modes. On split systems you will have one outdoor unit to one indoor unit.
There are multi systems available where up to five indoor units can run from one outdoor unit, these are especially useful for residential installations or where outside space is limited


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